Why buy minividuals?

All designs are created in Hamburg and are lovingly handcrafted in India. My production facility not only pays attention to the best working conditions but also to the highest quality in the supply of materials. Since the production is Oeko-Tex certified, all materials used must also meet the test criteria.

This of course also applies to the yarns on my carpets and pillows.
They are made from 100% cotton. The pillows are filled with recycled PET bottles, which can be easily washed and dried without the filling becoming flat. All carpets are made of natural cotton and are coated with latex on the back for protection. So they don't pose a safety risk when romping around.

All yarns are dyed azo-free, i.e. naturally dyed. This dyeing process takes much longer than a chemical dyeing process, but the carpets and pillows do not contain any chemical pollutants.

During and after production, external testers from Bureau Veritas check the pillows and carpets in a laboratory for all the necessary requirements that babies and toddlers must comply with. These are not only washfastness and lightfastness but also tests of the yarns with sweat, saliva and possible chemical components.