FAV 44 - Star Gray Cushion
FAV 44 - Star Gray Cushion
FAV 44 - Star Gray Cushion
FAV 44 - Star Gray Cushion

FAV 44 - Star Gray Cushion

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For babies and toddlers
FAV 44 is the star cushion in gray + off-white. The star pillows are available in 3 colors:  Gray and off-white, Blue and mint or  Mint and off-white.  You will find all kinds of carpets in matching colors in the shop to match them. The FAV 39 rug goes perfectly with the gray pillow. On it you can see, drawn in a continuous line, a boy with a dog in his arms. Take a look at the LINE ART COLLECTION!
The gray rocket carpet, FAV 10, the XOXO carpet, FAV 17 and many more also fit in other, soft tones.
Made from 100% natural cotton and filled with recycled PET bottles, the pillows are not only super environmentally friendly but also washable and cozyThe special feature of the pillows: They do not have a zipper, because the inner workings do not have to be removed when washing. Just as it is -> into the washing machine and you're done. Independent testers put it through its paces so that we could create the best possible product for toddlers. 

For parents
It is particularly practical that you don't have to look for a suitable pillow for the cover and it can simply be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees. It is advisable to dry it in the dryer after every wash so that it becomes nice and fluffy again.


Key data
      • Delivery time: 1-2 business days.
      • His measurements are 40 x 40 cm.
      • Cover 100% natural cotton, filling recycled polyester
      • The pillow is of course color and lightfast.
      • Color: gray + off-white
      • All minividuals products are vegan.
      • He can be washed in the in-house washing machine at 30 degree and dry in the dryer.
      • The pile height is 9 to 11 mm.
      • The weight is about 2 kg.
      • Model name: FAV 44
      • SKU: 4260574880446